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VOOKS: Storybooks brought to life through streaming animation.

This post is sponsored by Vooks.

Wow. What a difference a pandemic makes!!

Never have I ever seen so many educational and learning based apps that doesn't give the words "screen time" such a dirty taste in your mouth. I'm happy and proud and willing to shout it from the roof tops!! "SCREEN TIME IS THE BEST TIME!"

Since quarantine started, by kids have never "played" on more apps in their lives! My favorite currently, is Vooks! Vooks is quite literally a streaming library of books that are animated and brought to life for your kids. Lorelai (4) and Kendrix (2) especially love it. They will sit and listen and watch the stories be read and unfold for the entire day if I let them. Some days I do! (No mom shame is allowed in this space.) And I NEVER feel bad about letting them on this app for hours.

It has always been said that the fastest way for our kids to learn and develop are for them to be read to. Quite honestly, I can't just spend my entire day sitting and reading to them. I wish I could. But there are always more chores to do. Which is why I am so thankful to have found Vooks.

They offer a variety of age-appropriate books and you can even set a playlist of your favorites. It is also super easy for the kids to navigate themselves. There are several different categories and genres. Our favorites right now are Animals and Seasonal. Kendrix is OBSESSED with Monster, Be Good and I See A Kookaburra! He could sit and listen to those two on a loop.

I have been blessed with children who naturally love books at a young age. They are constantly looking at, reading, or asking me to read them. So, I have been loving incorporating Vooks into our daily routine (especially for the little ones). What's also super great about Vooks, is that they allow you to download the story videos to be able to watch later or when maybe you are out and about and not connected to data or wi-fi. That is super convenient for a mom of 5 like me, who is normally on-the-go ever single night of the week!

Vooks also offers a lot of educational extras. They have printable lesson plans and activities that can be paired with many of their main titles. They even offer special rates to teachers, which is always a big hit in my book, having been a teacher myself. You can find their resources here.

If you are interested in giving Vooks a try, you can click here to create an account. Vooks is even kind enough to offer you one FREE month subscription to try it out and see how you like it. After that, you can opt for the monthly rate of only $4.99 a month. Or to get the best bang for your buck, do the year long subscription for $49.99 which gives you and extra two months free basically!

Do you use other education websites or apps for your kiddos? I'd love to hear what your favorites are and give them a try! Let me know!!

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