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Wow! It's been TOOOOO Long!

Here I am! Sitting here again, realizing that life got in the way of so many of my goals!

It has been far too long since I have done anything with this blog! And that makes me so so so so sad! I really want this blog to be a place where moms can go to for ideas and encouragement!

I want to share recipes! Lots and lots of recipes!I am a good cook and can make almost anything from scratch! So, this is a huge goal for me! Rather than just doing it at home for the fam bam - I want to put it down on paper, take pictures, make videos, and share it with the world! Cooking at home and making things from scratch is so much healthier for you AND it saves you so much money!!!

I think I have also mentioned, that after the fire, we changed our entire mindset and focus for our family! We no longer want to be saving our money up to just hoard it away. We no longer want to be spending our money just on stuff and things and toys that will get lost or broken or trashed within a month or two. While, yes, savings is important. We will still always have an emergency fund, an emergency car fund, a car maintenance fund, and the kids' sports funds (among other savings-type funds) - we don't just want to be throwing everything thats left at the end of the month into a savings account that never sees the light of day.

We want to LIVE! We want to see the country and the world! We want our kids to see those things too! We want to provide them with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

This is a very hard switch and adjustment for our family, to be honest. The kids are having a very hard time making the switch and understanding what we are doing and why we are doing it. They just think that mommy and daddy are no longer buying them toys; and that's not fair. It's kinda all they want for and ask about these days.

When can they go to the store?

When can they buy a new toy?

It's been very hard. Especially, as a parent and trying to teach them why we are doing this and making this change. Because, quite frankly, it's not something that we could just immediately change to give them those immediate results with a trip or family vacation or something similar. It's taking us some time to adjust our budgets and finances to be able to finally make this happen!

And also, what makes it really really hard is when the family and friends that are your support system - don't always support this change of lifestyle and continue to buy them toys and just...STUFF! Crap that they don't need and I don't want in my house! LOL!

Now, I don't want my kids totally going without all things. But I want them to be given QUALITY and INTENTIONAL items. Not crappy plastic toys that literally break on the way home. Or things that keep their attention for .2 seconds and then they never look at it again. Does that make sense? LOL.

Board games - YES! Learning and developmental toys - YES! Vintage wood toys - YES!

We have already built up a CRAP-TON of junky plastic toys that we are going to have to process through again before we move into the NEW HOUSE!

Oh yeah! We are still in the country rental!!!! Almost a full year after the fire as gone by. Still here. But the house is about 70% complete as of right now.

Any who - more on that later.

I actually have so much to share with you that I have slacked on putting here. :( But I'm really going to try and make this space a priority and be more present here in so many ways!

Please stay tuned for all I have to share coming up!!!!




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