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Self-Care is NOT Selfish!

{AD} I recently came across a pretty amazing website: Fifth & Glam

Let me explain how I found it:

We are in the thick of fall sports right now. Things are so crazy busy. Each of the kiddos is involved in 1-2 sports right now. Football, Soccer, Jiu Jitsu, Gymnastics, Wrestling - are all on our typical fall schedule.

As always it seems, we are just constantly on the go-go-go! Practices and games and practices and games.

As the fall sports wind down, the holiday season picks up!

Enter: mama stress to the max!!

The holiday seasons can be very stressful! I’m talking financial stress, emotional stress, physical stress, YOU NAME IT!

I know I personally am always worried about our finances. Did I set aside enough money for this holiday season? Will we be stretched too thin? Will I be able to offer the kids amazing experiences and memories within our budget?

Not to mention the stress of entertaining. And especially this year, I have a feeling we will be doing A LOT of this. With the new house and all. I know people want to see it. But honestly, that is STRESSFUL! Having to get it and keep it clean and presentable. With 5 kids?? That’s so hard! HAHA!

And as soon as the holidays die down…WINTER!

I do not do well in the winter. I love snow! I don’t mind the cold. But our winter lasts forever…and that is where it gets hard for me. February through April are probably the hardest months of the year for me. I personally thrive on sunshine and fresh air. And you can’t always get that when it's -40 outside! My body yearns for the hot, sweaty temps. It craves to be outside in nature, digging in the dirt or swimming in some water! I can suffer pretty severely from seasonal depression because of this.

This year I have made myself a promise to do my best to try and avoid that! I am not a very good mom during that time.

I am always constantly caring for 6 other humans and putting myself and my own care on the back burner. And I have learned that I cannot continue to do that and be my best self. I have to nourish my body, my mind, and my soul.

So, I am making myself a promise to spend at least 20min a day taking care of myself as a priority.

Now, that can look very different for different people. It will look very different for myself from day to day.

Some days it could be waking up early to enjoy my breakfast alone and in silence. It could be making myself a nourishing cup of coffee and drinking it out in the sunshine and sounds of nature. It could be giving myself the time and opportunity to journal. It could be reading a book that nourishes my soul. It could be a long, hot, uninterrupted shower. It could be a luxurious bubble bath. It could be sitting by a firepit and roasting a marshmallow for myself!

It could be ANYTHING that gives me joy!

ENTER: Fifth & Glam

Fifth & Glam is an online retailer that carries all of your favorite and well-known brands in the beauty industry. I’m talking make-up, skin-care, perfumes, hair care, and so much more.

It is truly a one stop shop!

The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

And one of my favorite parts - their Buy NOW, Pay Later program!

Subject to credit approval, you can get your favorite products for as low as $5.99 a month! Which makes anything affordable in that capacity!

I found alllll of my favorite self-care items!

I love Patchology and their under eye patches and lip patches! Such good products and ones I have been using for the last year! I also found my favorite charcoal clay mask and some amazing bath bombs! Put all those things together and I am set for a few nights of self-care pampering!

I also tried a couple of new products that just sounded amazing and I was not disappointed.

The Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydrating Body Cream was a freaking dream on my skin!!! I was so impressed by it. I will definitely be adding it to my regular regimen! Especially with the dry winter months ahead!

I also gave their Versace Perfume Sample Set a try. It offers you 5 different Versace scents! They come in perfect travel sizes to either take on-the-go with you…or possibly gift out to friends! Which is what I plan to do! I am going to get a few more sets (because every single scent was amazing!) and separate them to make the ideal stocking stuffer! I also might include a few in my neighbor gifts for the holidays! They are so versatile!

Mamas - let’s take care of ourselves! I know for me, when I take care of myself, I feel better. When I feel better, I am a better wife; a better mom; a better daughter; a better person!

It is not selfish to put yourself first! In fact, I believe it to be the opposite. We cannot run on an empty tank. And we cannot refill our tank without taking care of ourselves!

You definitely need to be checking out Fifth & Glam!

And when you do, use my code TARA25 for a 25% discount at checkout! (brand exclusions apply) My code is good through September 30!

Let’s make this the best holiday season and winter ever!!!




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