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5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

This is why I am here! To help you! And for a bit of a creative outlet for me too! :)

My blog exists to help moms with navigating life naturally, homemade, and ON A BUDGET

1. Empower moms with the skills they need to live frugally.

If there is one thing that I am passionate about – it would have to be living a frugal lifestyle. Now, this does not always mean we go without. We don’t. We indulge in a lot of the every day life that most people do. We purchase things for ourselves and things for our children.

I am a bit of a collector and I have a small obsession with kitchen gadgets. I also love crafting and making things and have a new found love of home decor and creating a home that I love and am proud to call ours! Clint is obsessed with wrestling and sports and photographing those things. He is a writer and does freelance work for several of the local newspapers. He loves to attend events and movies and all kinds of entertainment type things. Our children are involved in every sport and activity under the sun it seems like. With each of those activities comes sometimes hefty fees.

So, we do not short change ourselves or our kids. We find ways to budget for those things! I shop sales and clearance and PLAN AHEAD. Well, the best I can anyways!

2. Provide easy to follow guides and recipes to a homemade life

I love cooking and baking. I love making things at home and from scratch. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to save money! Making things at home is soooooooooo much cheaper than buying pre-made and pre-packaged things from the store. Not to mention, healthier! Although – don’t judge us on our health choices! Haha! We indulge with the best of them!

I also love to make most things for our home and household myself as well. I’m talking cleaning products! All of them! I can make my all-purpose household cleaner for LESS THAN $1!!!!

3. Recommend only the best products for moms

I am NOT a minimalist. I wish I was. I long to be. But I’m not. That’s just not me. If that’s what you are looking for – you are at the wrong blog!

I’m a consumer. Albeit, an unconventional one; but a consumer none-the-less. As I mentioned – I love my gadgets. I love my mini waffle makers. I love my air fryer. I love my instant pot. I love AMAZON! I love Target. And I love finding all of these things that make my life easier, more effortless, and happy ON SALE! Or at least, at a very good price!

4. Help instill confidence in moms

You are capable of this! You can meal plan. You can shop sales and save money.


Especially, if you follow my tips and tricks on how to do that! It’s easy. Does it take a couple extra steps? A little more planning? Yes. It does. But I promise it is MORE than worth it!

You can ditch and switch chemicals OUT of your house AND save money while doing it!!! We are not perfect. We eat junk food and sugar and processed items. But we have been on a journey to live a healthier life and create a home that is better for our children. So, we have been ditching and switching for years. It’s a slow process around here. Because first and foremost – it canNOT break the bank! We do it a little at a time. Small changes eventually add up! But my natural, homemade cleaning supplies cost less than any of the crap you find at a store! (Even the so-called “natural” cleaners the stores love to market)

5. Write a weekly blog posts to help moms work towards a frugal, homemade home

I will be sharing so much here!

Deals and steals. Meal planning. Grocery budgeting. Sales. Capitalizing on clearance and how to find it. RECIPES – for both meals and all household things! Crafting and home decor finds. I’m still very new to the home decorating genre of life! LOL! I’m not pro at decorating. But, I’m happy to share my finds and how I use them!

If you’ve made it this far – THANK YOU! This is a new journey for me. Totally out of my comfort zone. I am not the writer in the family. I love sharing our life and the things I’m passionate about. So, I knew this was a journey I wanted to take and try it out. But there will likely be a lot of growing pains as I learn to navigate this world! I just appreciate you all so much. Thank you for being here and all of your support!

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